Mont des Mules


On this site are the ruins of an oppidum listed as a Historic Monument in 1939. This “castellaras” was built by Sentier Mont des Mulesthe Celtic-Ligurian people who inhabited the region just before the beginning of the Christian era and served to protect the dwellings near Mont des Mules. This stronghold towered over the coast and the ancient port of Monaco. Mont des Mules reaches an altitude of 291m and is a stage in the Via Julia Augusta, the Roman road which wound its way across the border with Italy. At the top of the hill is a viewing table from where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Principality of Monaco to the coastline of Italy.

Free entry with due regard for the Historic Monument.


Entrance on the Bd des combattants A.F.N
Tourist office : 04 93 78 01 55