Historical and architectural heritage “Belle Époque”


“Belle Époque” historical and architectural tour

Those who love the Belle Époque period will adore Beausoleil. Walking around the historic old quarter in the town centre, Bd de la République, either alone or with a Tourist Office guide, they will be able to admire some outstanding examples of Belle Époque architecture (1870-1920).facade Belle Epoque

The ornately decorated façades with their bow-windows, corbels and magnificent balconies with balustrades or wrought ironwork, have retained their original colour. Just a few steps away, around the corner of one of the buildings with 30s style or sometimes art deco architecture, a flight of steps will take you into an alleyway or unobtrusive passageway.

You’ll then discover more ordinary housing, decorated with friezes under the roof sometimes known as “art du pauvre” (poor man’s art) which were to acquire a cachet when they decorated bourgeois homes surrounded by citrus groves. These authentic neighbourhoods will immerse you in the atmosphere of Southern France.